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National Volunteer Month Spotlight #1: Medical Outreach Ministries

Apr 11, 2019 4:09:45 PM / by Ashley Rhodes



Did you know that April is National Volunteer Month? We all know how important volunteers are to making the missions non-profit organizations a reality. In honor of volunteers everywhere (the real MVPs!), we are spotlighting stories of volunteers that are impacting their communities in big ways! 

Today, we cast the spotlight on Medical Outreach Ministries in Montgomery, Alabama. Medical Outreach Ministries, or M.O.M. as they affectionally call it, is incredibly important in their community. They provide free, quality medical care to the uninsured and underinsured - those who don't meet the qualifications for Medicaid or Medicare and who cannot afford private insurance.

In 2018, M.O.M. had 10,712 patient encounters and 465 of those encounters were new patient appointments. Now, imagine those 10,712 patient encounters in 365 days being solely provided by volunteer healthcare professionals. Amazing, right? Well, that's the story of M.O.M. They operate with only 8 paid staff members, and 80 volunteers. These volunteers carry out all kinds of functions from signing up new patients to providing healthcare. In fact, 15 of those 80 volunteers are doctors, 13 are nurses, 6 are pharmacists (they fill medication on-site for their patients!), 3 mental health counselors, and 1 diabetes educator. Their volunteers are truly the backbone of their organization, allowing them to carry out their mission and purpose of providing "healing hope for the uninsured".


Volunteers are amazing!


national volunteer month!

Stay tuned as we highlight another amazing volunteer story next week!


BONUS: Here are three quick tips on how to show (extra) appreciation for your volunteers this month:
  1. Spotlight them! Spotlight an individual volunteer or a group of volunteers on your organization's social media pages, website, and/or e-newsletters.
  2. Celebrate them! Provide treats (donuts, anyone?), throw an after-work gathering, or whatever celebration type that fits your organization to celebrate your volunteers. 
  3. Get to know them better! Keep up with your volunteers and get to know their interests. It may further benefit your organization to have them volunteer in a new way that fits their best skills! 





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Ashley Rhodes

Written by Ashley Rhodes