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See how we showcased ALFA's culture of giving with powerful storytelling video

Feb 7, 2019 12:42:26 PM / by Ashley Rhodes

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Watch Mrs. Osgood's story to see how ALFA Insurance is going above and beyond to help a local Meals on Wheels program. Then, read the Q&A below with the video's creator, Caleb Hawk, to find out more about the storytelling process! 

  • How did you find out about the story? 

    "We had to interview Jimmy Parsons (CEO, ALFA) for the River Region Ethics Awards (an award show put on annually by the Samaritan Counseling Center). After the interview, Jeff Helms (PR & Communications Director, ALFA) started telling us about how ALFA not only has a team that delivers meals for MACOA's Meals on Wheels program but they actually prepared the meals themselves in their kitchen! We knew there was more to the story so we started digging for more and that's when we met Mrs. Osgood. She was our story."
  • What was your initial approach to telling the story?

    "We wanted to showcase how fun being a volunteer for MACOA and Meals on Wheels was, and at the same time show how ALFA goes above and beyond with their Meals on Wheels program. We met Robyn Frost and Jeff Helms, who sat down with us and narrowed down our search for a Meals on Wheels recipient's story to tell. As far as focusing on a particular recipient, we've found that people connect with stories that are told on a more personal level. If you've watched the video, you'll know why Mrs. Osgood was the perfect candidate for our storytelling technique."
  • What did you learn from telling the story?

    "I learned that people like Mrs. Osgood are all around us. The recipients that we came across while shooting this story were always very excited to see us and loved to chat. Mrs. Osgood loved to sew but didn't have a sewing machine. I just so happened to have one in my car that day because my wife and I were in the process of moving. I gave her the sewing machine that day, and it not only impacted her but shed a whole new light for me on being appreciative of things personally."
  • What do you hope to accomplish by telling this story?

    "We hope that more people sign up to volunteer to be a Meals on Wheels driver or sign up for food prep. We also are hoping that more companies like ALFA step up and go above and beyond helping nonprofits around the community. Telling those stories is not only inspiring to us, but we hope they're inspiring to people of impact that strive to make a difference."
  • What is something you hated to cut from the video that had to go because of time constraints?

    "Mrs. Osgood loves to make dolls and take care of flowers. She was so sweet to us while shooting her interview. I feel like we could've chatted all day! She reminded me so much of my grandmother who I miss daily. This is a reason I think it's so important to volunteer. Talking to the recipients brought back so many good memories of talking to those family members we love and miss."




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Ashley Rhodes

Written by Ashley Rhodes