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May 1, 2019 1:13:23 PM / by Ashley Rhodes


PTEN fundraising success story 



Who doesn't like a nonprofit success story? We've gone one for you! We want to share a testimonial from our friends at PTEN Hamaratoma Tumor Syndrome Foundation on how they've been able to successfully raise over $15,000 through our free online nonprofit platform - Impressed? Read our Q&A from Kristen Anthony, their President and CEO!

Here's our quick Q&A with Kristen Anthony of PTEN Foundation on their nonprofit's mission and how they've achieved fundraising success through our online platform. 

  • How has utilizing the platform helped you fundraise and promote your organization's mission? "Serquest is awesome! The video awareness contest energized our community and helped us reach 25k+ individuals to educate about PTEN Hamartoma Tumor Syndrome (PHTS). PHTS is caused by a germline mutation of the tumor suppressor gene, PTEN. When mutated, our patients are at high risk of developing multiple cancers or in some cases autism. We also held a fundraiser via the platform and raised over $15,000. It was a simplistic and easy way to share our need and message. Visit our Serquest platform to donate and support our cause."
  • What is the mission of your organization? "Our mission is to serve our families through education, connecting and pursuing treatments." 


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