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It Takes a Village to Serve a Community // The MACOA Meal Makers' Story

May 10, 2019 12:01:18 PM / by Ashley Rhodes

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Watch this story of how a group of volunteers from Leadership Montgomery teamed up with MACOA to serve homebound seniors hot meals by doing the important and often overlooked work of prepping those meals for delivery. We're reminded that it truly takes a village to serve a community!

We had the opportunity to talk to Angela Crosby (featured in this video), a MACOA volunteer with Leadership Montgomery, and ask her a few questions about how she got involved in this project, the importance of serving your community, and more. Read our Q&A with Angela below!

  • Why is Leadership Montgomery important to the community? "Leadership Montgomery exposes emerging leaders as well as more seasoned leaders to all the parts and pieces that make this city work and it exposes those leaders to places where they can help and impact communities where there are great needs and opportunities for improvements."
  • What is the value of MACOA to the community? "The Montgomery Area Council on Aging provides hot meals to homebound seniors.  It’s more than the food. It’s the human interaction and the wellness check. It says to our seniors that we see you and we care."
  • Describe what Meal Makers does for MACOA? "The meal makers program is the 2 hour preparation period.  The meals have to be prepared (that’s a very detailed process), labeled and packaged, before the route partners can deliver them to awaiting seniors."
  • What did you learn from recruiting new volunteers for the meal makers program of MACOA? "I learned that one person (or one team) at the time makes all the difference. Anyone can help. People are so willing to serve, they just need an opportunity, and the mission of MACOA speaks to heart of almost everybody."
  • How has your experience with Leadership Montgomery enriched your life personally? "It has expanded my perspective and rejuvenated my desire to serve."


thank you for giving back! We see you and caelebrate you!


Thank you for your inspiring service to your community, Angela! And thank you to the team at Leadership Montgomery and MACOA for making a difference every day in the lives of homebound seniors in Montgomery, Alabama! 


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Ashley Rhodes

Written by Ashley Rhodes